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Ghostwriting not a writing mill. I will write your book in your style and will not force you into a set formula. I can turn your idea into a finished book. I can also edit and polish your existing book into a superior work.



A successful copywriting is as much of an art as it is a science, but it’s nothing more than a textbook if it doesn’t have passion. When you’re passionate about the subject matter, readers can tell. They can’t help but to react to it. That’s why I select my copywriting clients wisely.



This is one of the most competitive areas to get into, with very few open doors. The glamour and potential financial rewards of writing for performance are contrasted with the brutal reality of rejection, or no response at all, which is what is actually experienced by many aspiring writers.



I edit/proofread websites, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, memos, business plans, novels, short stories, poems, and other professional documents. I also proofreads academic documents and essays.

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24 Countries Visited

> 1000 Articles Published Globally

> 20.000 Cups Of Coffee

Indonesia’s Best Young Writer in 2009 – Awarded by Khatulistiwa Literary



Cruise Catline

As The Rest Heal My Heart

Seeds Hospitality Management

Aishwarya Villa

The Seven Agency

Casamaya Villa Bali


Watermark Hotel & Spa Jimbaran

Holiday Inn Kemayoran

The Leaf Jimbaran

Nakula Hospitality Management

Kumpi Villas

This fantastic, well-sized modern accommodation uses its excellent location offering wonderful opinions, a large quantity of sunlight and various levels. All villas are developed keeping in view the requirements for luxurious lifestyle. Plenty of facilities provide you with the taste of life.

IBIS Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan Hotel

The Hotel has been rated very high on the parameters of customer service, cleanliness, quality of rooms, value for money and quality of food. The hotel has been rated as excellent and is the choice of all the visitors of Hong Kong.

Hu’u Villas

Hu’u Villas invites you to a Bali experience like never before. With our world-class, luxury services, there is no other place in Bali that can offer as much fun and relaxation as Hu’u Villas. Regardless of whether you are looking for casual relaxation or an all-out party, Hu’u Villas is the place for you

Eco Energi Lestari

Affordable solar systems for residential and hospitality. Reduce household power bills

Chapung Sebali Resort & Spa

Your next world-luxury experience in Bali, is located high in hills, 10 minutes' drive from Ubud, and features airy pool villas

BSI International

We're ready to help you with your preventative medicine and detox needs, as well as natural cancer treatments


Looking for Bali Seminyak Villas, look no further than BE&D. They are committed to delivering Bali Seminyak Villas with a high level of customer service.

De Basilico Kitchen and Bar

There is no better place to stop for those in pursuit of culinary delights and pulsing beats.


Best Hotel, Restaurant, Spa & Activity Deals for you and you loved ones

Bali Weekly Magazine

English Language Tabloid providing more quality news and current affairs happening in Bali

UC Silver

The buzzing and wheezing sound that a dragonfly makes as it passes by on the edge of the yellowish rice fields in the harvest season inspired UC Silver to design our trademark pieces of jewelry, “Sweet Dragonfly”.

The Unseen Face – 2nd Edition

Haunting... Poetic... A dark journey into the shadows of the soul

As The Rest Come To My Heart

Witness a poetic odyssey through the dark valley of pain, loss and sorrow, a journey into the shadows of the soul, and the quest to seek the light

The Unseen Face

Go on an adventure of suspense, intrigue, and imagery so vivid you can almost taste and smell what the main character does

Falling From The Sky ~ Volume 1

Grab the reading that will lure you deeply on UFO mythology with a solid backdrop for the aliens, with the ending that will make you impatient to wait the next season


Be prepared to feel goose bumps reading


Witness the exquisite joy of pain


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