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September 2017

Embracing Life at The Gillis

Life offers stupendous opportunities to everyone to explore and to dig out the real meaning of life as well as to comprehend the intricate and obscure working of nature. As for as I am concerned, the opportunity has been bestowed to me in the form of travelling as it allows me to accumulate the unknown and to complete what is missing.

So, there I was, visiting the Gili Islands. Starting with the most famous one, Gili Trawangan tenders to unveil the uniqueness and different colors of joy in the form of music, parties, excursions and other amazements. Being Human, variety is the necessity of the life, and sometimes we need to enthuse ourselves with the excitements of dance and parties. Pubs, beaches and clubs in the island furnish these desires to its pinnacle and then there is no needing felt to go elsewhere. Gili Trawangan is the place to exert all extra energies. The local pub, Tîr na Nôg, though doesn’t render enormous options but its fresh juices are one of the best in the island. Blue Marlin Café not only excels at rendering the indigenous drinks and food but also provides elegant foreign drinks and food as well. However, too much party and drinking sometimes make the environment unbearable as well and thus compels me to seek out placid and smooth spot.

Gili Meno is the place that alleviates that commotion and ruffle of daily life by providing calm and sedating surroundings. Here the environment is tranquil and nature can be felt more lucidly. As smaller in size and having lower tourists’ density, the place offers me a unique opportunity to completely revive my inner soul with sense of ultimate content. The beautiful beaches incite people to have a walk over it. While walking on these charming beaches, it seems that the nature is uttering its melody through the composition of winds with waves striking the shores. The sun setting scene at the white beach of Gili Meno hazes my brain confusing the scenery with that of the heavens. The aroma of the atmosphere in the evening seems to uttering some untold romantic story. Sasak Café and Ya Ya Warung are two of my favourite dining resorts. In the evening, I grazed upon that lonely bunch of trees. The scenery reminded me of the words of Robert Frost, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

When it comes to Gili Air, the island offers an exquisite blend of traditional values with the beautification carried out by craftsman of science and technology. It is composed of modern resorts with most up to date technologies and at the same time provides the opportunity of seeing natural bounties in its full exposure. Being an epicurean person, it gives me great delight to get taste of several types of food. Bel Air Resort gives the yummy food. Its pasta is one of my favorite dish. The island not only suffices the need of having delicious and luscious food but also comes in hand by providing one of the world’s most sorts after snorkeling spots. For me, it’s not simply the island; it is completely a novel world exhibiting the experiences that can’t be narrated by simple words.

Authentic Cuban food at Cubana Restaurant & Bar

Located 5 minutes’ walk from Batu Bolong Beach, Cubana Restaurant & Bar brings a smell of Cuban cigar to the island. Blending between sexy Latin American and the tropical vibe of Bali, this new arrival in Canggu area will treat your taste bud with authentic Cuban food.

Cubana Restaurant & Bar offers an authentic Cuban dining experience with neatly done décor and food flavours that will make you fall in love instantly with Cuba. Bringing the smell of Cuban cigar to the island, this Aston Canggu Beach Resort’s outlet offers an excellent spot to enjoy your Cuban delicacies and drink while resting yourself after a long day at the Batu Bolong Beach.

Thatched roof, colourful interiors and the inputs of tropical vibes makes the ambience of the restaurant catchy and comforting. Along with a variety of enjoyable food selections like soups, meat, salads, sandwiches, and deserts, the restaurant also offers an excellent outdoor ambience that will look sexy on your Instagram. Guests can make themselves comfortable either in the air-conditioned seating indoors or relax in the comfortable outdoor courtyard. For active smokers, Cigars are on offer as well.

The menu highlights the authentic Cuban dishes on offer, and each of the items has its original easy-to-order Cuban name with the description for the food is available in the menu. With a wide range of Cuban Ensalads, Sandwhiches, Carne, and De sopas, the menu also includes a wide range of Cuban food along with empanadas, nachos, soft tacos, burritos, and mix of soft shell tacos.

Meat lovers can try the Mojo Lechon Asado, a dish comprising of tender pork nicely seasoned in Cuban flavours and served along with black beans and yellow rice. Seafood lovers may want to taste the Seafood Paella Risotto El Cubano, a Cuban mixed seafood dish cooked in the style of Italian risotto. Worry not for Pasta lovers as they can have the Spaghetti with Meatballs ala Cubano, a classic Italian dish prepared in Cuban style with the flavours from the country on offer. Cubana Restaurant & Bar also offers an excellent Ham and Cheese sandwich. The ham and roasted pork are nicely layered with Swiss cheese. The El Cubano is grilled to perfection and offered with side dishes such as Cuban homemade pickles. To end your Cuban culinary journey, a nice mix of Cuban deserts are offering Torrejas and Churros. The Torrejas is the Cuban style French toast served with Pina colada and has spiced pineapple in it. A range of cocktails that includes Margaritas and Mojitos can also be your grand finale selection to finish your meal.

It is the uniqueness of Cuban experience that stands out for the restaurant. Therefore, if you are looking for authentic Cuban cuisines, then look no further and step into Cubana Restaurant & Bar at Aston Canggu Beach Resort of Bali.