Jenggala Keramik’s Pot Painting

Pot painting is a custom in about all cultures around the world. To build up a theme about a nation or people, you can make pinch pots that are ornamented by the mean of customary color, drawing and blueprint. As I search for pot painting companies in Bail, I found Jenggala Keramik as the premier ceramics maker in Bali.

Jenggala Keramik grows from a small experimental cottage business to a uniquely refined corporation of the twenty-first century. Jenggala’s continued novelty and adherence to the core values of design and quality upon which it w as founded will make sure its success within the constantly changing framework of the globalism market place.

Jenggala ongoing its endeavour as a hut industry in Batujimbar, and now operates and show cases collections at its headquarters in Jimbaran. Their head office boasts a workshop where guests and children can partake in a variety of paint a pot’ and pottery classes; a major showroom and gallery where art exhibitions are also held, and a coffee bar called Warung Keramik presenting a range of delicatessen and healthy beverages.



Jenggala’s Make a Pot and Paint a Pot programs allow guests and children of all ages to learn the art of pot making and create their own keepsake ceramic creations throughout a fun meeting. The program endorse creativity and enables participants to create their own gifts for particular occasions. Painting clay pots is the perfect activities for a rainy afternoon, appropriate for any age and skill level, allowing creativity and thoughts to run wild. Painted flower pots brighten up balconies and windowsill and make the perfect personalized gift.

Pot painting is a very indistinct term — there are large numbers of different ways you can go about doing a creation. To attain each product, different elements of the art must be considered. Visit a gallery which sells pottery material and ask how it was done. You can also go to art supply stores and talk regarding the most excellent materials to use for the results you wish for cost, firing, glazes, or a beginner’s class.

Here are some tips for pot painting as below:

Materials Required : 

  • Enamel Paints  of Different Colors
  • Earthen pot
  • Water
  • Fabric paint
  • Brush
  • Container
  • Earthen Pot

Modus operandi: 

  • At first, color your clay pot with any enamel paint.
  • Now acquire a container containing three fourth quantities of water and spill different colors of enamel paints into it.
  • The particular color paints float on the water.
  • Now quietly hold your painted pot at its edge and dip it into the water and wind it around, in the water and gradually take it out of the container.
  • Keep up the pot aside without worrying it
  • The soaked paints will gradually take its own design and shade

Wait till the pot dries

Your pot painting is prepared to use.

Tools and Materials needed for Clay pot painting:

  • small clay pots of different shapes
  • catalogs with photos
  • white craft glue
  • acrylic paints
  • sealer to guard plant pictures

Procedure to paint a pot:

  • Smooth the Pot: Make certain the clay pot is clean and smooth. Sand off any rough spots and
  • Seal Pot: If you are going to paint the outside of the pot, the paint will seal it, so you only require to employ sealer on the inside
  • Apply the Paint on pot to be painted: Paint the outside of the pot with acrylic paint.
  • Cut out the Photos: Cut out flower and foliage pictures from seed packets and plant catalogs. Look for photos with distinctive shapes and lines
  • Piece Photos jointly: start piecing the pictures jointly and overlap them into a kind of quilt on the pot, from the bottom up to the base of the rim

Tips for pot painting:

Since clay pots should be absorbent, they do dry out very rapidly by themselves, but to hurry the process, pop them on top of a warmer, on a sunny window ledge or in the cool oven of an Aga or Rayburn.

If you desire an complicated design on your decorated flower pot, make employ of a normal lead pencil to draw the design on the pot previous to starting painting.

To be able to employ the painted clay pots outside, or extend their life span, you can moreover spray or carefully paint them with suitable varnish e.g. clear varnish – but be cautious, this can make the colors run. Test it out on your own painted flower pot previous to touching your child’s piece of art work!

Benefits of Making Pottery

A significant benefit of ceramics is that the potter can, within limits, control the size and shape of the finished piece much more than with other materials. The women could have enough money to make large, heavy, thick walled vessels as they did not have to move as frequently. Some archaeologists feel that the invention of ceramics allowable to boil their food, particularly starchy seeds. Boiling made the seeds more digestible and thus more nourishing. A broken pot or jar could quickly be replaced since sources of clay were generally close at hand.

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